Mother identified these three men as cousins Andy, Marty, and
George Schuber. I believe them to be Andreas, Mathhias, and
George, all from Poettelsdorf. George and Mathhias arrived in
1913 on the same ship (adjacent names on the ship's roster), and
Andreas arrived about three months later. George and Mathhias
settled in Chicago while Andreas settled in Hamilton, Ohio.
The fourth Schuber
who migrated from
Poettelsdorf to
America was
George's sister,
Maria (Mary),
shown here between
George and her son,
Herman Murath.
George married Elizabeth Strommer who
came to America in 1913 from Balf,
Hungary. Balf (German name,
Wolfs) is
near Sopron, a few miles across the
present-day border from Poettelsdorf,
Austria. Both George and Elizabeth were
German speakers.
Mamma Elizabeth
with Theresa
(Tess), Herman,
Walter (Wally),
and George circa
Elizabeth and
George with their
three sons.
Elizabeth and
son, Herman,
circa 1940.
Elizabeth with
Wally and Herman,
circa 1930.
George and unknown
friend, circa 1920.
Photos taken at Elizabeth's graveside, 1943. The photo on the
left shows George,Herman, Tess, and Wally (George, Jr. was
already in the Army Air Force.) The group in the photo on the
right contains immediate family and other unidentified friends.
The Schuber siblings at various times. That's Hermie
and Wally at the top of the stairs; Hermie and
friend in courier uniforms with Wally on the bike;
and George and Tess on the pony.
George was a musician. My Dad told me
that he played the organ at the Lutheran
Church. I do remember seeing a pump organ
in the basement of his house on Wells St.
The two pictures here show George with
members of the Westside Choral Group in
Chicago. In the top picture, he is standing
on the front row on the left; in the bottom
photo, he is standing second from the right.
photos of Tess and
George Schuber and Family...Chicago
Marty and
Wife. Tess is
standing on
the left;
Millie is on
the right.
Daughter Theresa (Tess) lived with George until his death in 1955.
These photos show her with brother, Wally (left), husband, George
Roden (middle), and father, George.
George and his
children,c. 1930.
George, Jr., Herman,
George, Sr., Tess,
Wally (with his
Wedding photo of
George, Jr. and wife,
Jenny Smagala
Herman (my father)
with a baseball bat c.
Herman and his
father in Greenwood
Cemetery, Chicago.
Herman is holding
my brother,
Tommy, and that's
me (Mick) standing
between them.
Photo taken in June
or July, 1951.