My great grandfather was Carl Brock. Carl was the son of William Marvin Brock and Mary
Winifed Hindman and the grandson of Henry Brock and Nancy Thomas who were some of
the earliest settlers of Campbell Co., Georgia (now the southern part of Fulton Co.)

Carl married Elizabeth Rebecca (Becky)Eskew, daughter of William Elliott Eskew and Mary
Frances Harmon. Carl and Becky's oldest daughter, Mary Frances, was my grandmother.

Below are digital images of the photographs which are the property of my mother, Elizabeth
Christine Farr, daughter of Mary Frances Brock and Jerry Thomas Farr.

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Carl Brock Family
Brock Siblings
Date unknown
(prob. 1940's)
Brock Siblings
Date Unknown
(prob. 1970's)
Carl and Becky
50th Anniversary
Carl and Becky
Mary Frances and William
Raymond (Jack) Brock
c. 1911
Mary Frances Brock
c. 1930
William Elliott Eskew
(father of Becky)
Becky, Carl and a
dead coachwhip snake
Lillie Christine
Brock Wilson